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A qualified client is an investor who meets at least one of the following conditions:


The total value

Of liquid assets * owned by him exceeding NIS 8.1 million;

And / or the level of his income

In each of the last two years it exceeds NIS 1.3 million, or the amount of the income of the family unit ** to which he belongs exceeds NIS 1.9 million;

And / or the total value

Of the liquid assets he owns exceeds NIS 5.1 million and his income in each of the last two years exceeds NIS 700,000, or the income of the family unit to which he belongs exceeds NIS 1 million;

*   Liquid cash assets, deposits, securities, financial assets (excluding real estate) as defined in the Advice Law.

** A single family unit and his family members living with him or earning a living for each other.

   The appeal is worded in masculine for convenience only but is intended for both women and men.

"Arbitrage and to" hedge fund 



Office Phone: 077-5530414  

Arie Disenchik Street 5, Tel Aviv  



This document does not constitute an offer to invest in a fund or an invitation to receive such an offer. The information in this document does not form the basis for investment decisions, and does not constitute a recommendation and / or opinion and / or investment advice and does not  A substitute for the independent judgment of each investor. This should not be seen as an offer to invest in securities, or at all. Contract with any limited partner will be in accordance with what is stated in the partnership agreement and its appendices only. (C) All rights reserved to the hedge fund "Arbitrage Total Equity (and to)"

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