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long term investments in small-cap Israeli companies

קרן גידור למניות בישראל

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Arbitrage Value is an equity hedge fund that focuses on in-depth research of small-cap Israeli companies. Our analyst team seek investment opportunities in Israeli securities, which, in the opinion of the fund's managers, are traded at insignificant pricing in relation to their value, and accordingly may yield an excess return over time. The fund focuses on companies, with a dominant management, which holds a significant portion of the share capital and which is willing to act with determination to maximize the potential of the company. The fund is intended for Accredited Investor only.    


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Arbitrage Value - investment philosophy

" These are among my favorite investments: small, aggressive new enterprises that grow at 20 to 25 percent a year. If you choose wisely, with a small portfolio, one or two of these can make a career . "   


Peter Lynch, One Up On Wall Street.

 The management team

  Shlomi Ardan , Managing Partner

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Shlomi studied law and financing MBA and 

worked for 4 years as a corporate attorney in 

major Israeli law firms. Before joining the fund, Shlomi has privately managed F&F funds to

great success by following value investing principles, and focusing on small 

Israeli companies. 

English thesis on investment are available at:

Ilan Rosenberg , Founding Partner


Ilan has over 25 years of experience as an executive manager in various Israeli financial institutions, including the private banking division of Leumi Bank, and large Israeli asset management firms.

On 2018 Ilan decided to focus on building Arbitrage value hedge fund that offers exposure to small-cap Israeli companies.

Arbitrage Fund - Our Partners:


Legal support:  Vinograd & Co  |  Administration :  Ziv Haft Trusts  |    Brokerage :  FIBI-International Bank 

Interested in investing?  Please fill out the questionnaire

"Arbitrage Value hedge fund 


Office Phone: 077-5530414  

9 Eli Cohen Street, Tel Aviv  



This document does not constitute an offer to invest in a fund or an invitation to receive such an offer. The information in this document does not constitute a basis for investment decisions, and does not constitute a recommendation and / or opinion and / or investment advice and is not a substitute for the independent judgment of each investor. This should not be seen as an offer to invest in securities, or at all. Contract with any limited partner will be in accordance with what is stated in the partnership agreement and its appendices only. All rights reserved to the Arbitrage Fund Investment Partnership

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